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Wyoming Results from August 17 Primary

I’m not really pleased with these limited results that I have been able to find.  If you have somewhere for me to get a more accurate vote count, please let me know.  For this special occasion, live links in the comments section are not merely accepted, they are requested.

Thank you!


The current Governor, Dave Freudenthal, faces term-limits this year and will leave it to the voters to elect Democrat Leslie Petersen – 10,759 – or Republican Matt Mead – 30,272.


Incumbent Republican Congressman Cynthia Marie Lummis reflects having received 83,924 votes to Democrat challenger David Allan Wendt with 20,410.

Not very much information, Wyoming, but I hope it will help you.


Originally written on or about August 14, 2010….

Wyoming Votes August 17

Think back as far as you can remember.  In my case, it is way too far to go back, but I think I remember how unfair I thought it was when I was learning in school about the make-up of the Senators and Representatives from each state.  Wyoming has its two Senators, but they only have one Representative – an at-large Representative.  I have since come to understand more about the census and how that plays into representation, but then it seemed very unfair.

The real detriment I see to that at-large Rep is that there is only one vote for that State in Congress.  I certainly hope the entire state agrees on the way they want the vote to go.

So, let’s elect one for you this year – or keep your incumbent.  In far too many States, the voters are doing just that.  If your voices are to be added to those who call for the incumbents to get pink-slipped, when is it that you think you’ll vote to do that?  In November, the selection process will have been complete.  Your choices will have been narrowed.

I cannot help wondering how many really good potential Congressmen we are leaving behind in the Primary because we are continuing to use that one elected chair – the “good old boy” – as the “nominee” again.  Oh well…. Onward and upward, I suppose.

Governor of Wyoming:


Incumbent Democrat Dave Freudenthal is reaching term-limits this year and will not be re-elected.  These Republicans – hopefully all Conservatives – are seeking the nomination.

Alan Kousoulos – No candidate description was given.

Matt Mead – Ex-U.S. Attorney & Rancher

Rita C. Meyer – State Auditor, Ex-Gubernatorial Chief of Staff & Afghan War veteran

Former State Representative Ron Mitcheli –  Ex-State Agriculture Director, Ex-State House Speaker Pro-Tem & Rancher

John H. Self – I found no campaign website.  Mr. Self is a retiree & ‘02/’06 Candidate

State Representative Colin M. Simpson – State House Speaker, attorney & Son of Ex-US Senator Alan Simpson

Tom A. Ubben – Energy company projects coordinator


Incumbent Republican congressman Cynthia Marie Lummis has one Republican challenger in the Primary:  Evan Liam Slafter, an artist and musician for whom I could not find a campaign website.

There you have it, Wyoming.  Your candidates for Governor and U.S. Congress are waiting for your vote on August 17.


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