CA – Taxpayer Revolution



“The Political Movement to End Automatic Citizenship”

Endorsed by Congressmen Royce, Rohrabacher and Bilbray

May 3, 2010

Dear Illegal Alien Control Activists,

This is the first email update since last December for The California Taxpayer Protection Act, the illegal alien control initiative.  We are diligently working to get the support we need for these crucial laws.  In early March, Ted Hilton went to Washington, D.C. to meet with Roy Beck, Numbers USA, and Dan Stein, FAIR, Federation for American Immigration Reform.  Support from these organizations and others are important to help us make the ballot.

Ted also spent over an hour with Rep. Darryl Issa speaking about the various aspects of the initiative.  Congressman Issa proposed a law which is being finalized by the state’s attorneys.  Others are working behind the scenes to help the initiative succeed.  American Immigration Control contributed $5,000 to our effort.  We are in need of your patriotic support to help us do the necessary work involved.  No one is funding this project; we are dependent on grass- roots donations to keep going.

Late last year we started the process of drafting laws to confront the criminal illegal alien crisis.  As everyone knows we must tackle the high illegal alien crime rate.  The Border Patrol estimates 15% of illegal aliens have criminal records or are entering to commit crime.  With 6% of California’s population, illegals comprise 13-15% of the prison population.

Recently, we have all become very aware of the Arizona laws.  The passage of those laws will help to propel our legislation.  Let’s join with Arizona in passing some of the same laws.  First, the initiative places into state law the federal law known as 287g which authorizes full cooperation of state peace officers with federal authorities.  Several California counties are already involved with this program.  Peace officers can receive training to properly identify and transfer criminal aliens to federal custody.  A similar state law has already gone into effect in Georgia.

THE LAWS WILL END ALL SANCTUARY CITY POLICIES AND ORDINANCES, INCLUDING SPECIAL ORDER 40 in Los Angeles.  We are no longer going to allow the hands of the police to be tied from inquiring about immigration status, or arresting someone because they are here illegally, or transferring them to the feds.

The opposition has already misinformed even their youth of this type of law.  Thirteen year old Arizona resident Emilio Almodovar was quoted in the newspaper saying: “We can’t walk to school anymore.  We can’t be on the streets anymore without the pig thinking we’re illegal.”

We will face similar opposition here but California must follow federal laws.  Innocent citizens would be alive today if these policies had not been in effect.

In addition, a powerful deterrent for illegals to commit crime will be the law that will add 4, 5, or 6 years on top of any felony conviction sentence for an illegal alien.  Yes, they will get 4-6 years for just being illegal, the law allows that.  There are longer sentences for documented gang members under California law.

In another law, the state will transfer ALL arrested previously deported felons to the federal government with agreement for prosecution and incarceration.   After that first incarceration California is done, no more revolving door.  As we all know, it’s time for the feds to take THEIR responsibility.

The laws also take measures to obtain full reimbursement from the federal government for incarcerating illegals pursuant to federal law.  California is spending almost $1B annually; last year the Obama Administration only reimbursed $90 Million.  The federal government is to reimburse the entire amount.

Another law that will make ending automatic citizenship a part of the national debate:  All applications by illegal aliens for a public- funded birth delivery or welfare for an anchor baby will be reported to Homeland Security.  They detest having their identities revealed to Immigration Services.

All of the laws were reviewed by immigration attorneys in Washington, D.C. and these are currently being finalized by the state’s Legislative Counsel.  It is a strong start but we need everyone’s support to make this reality.

We are continuously contacting and meeting with influential large donors.  Many are finally beginning to realize this is something we must do.  The campaign effort is very much in need of concerned activists’ contributions to continue.  We are starting a long, time-consuming process to gain support from law enforcement organizations from all 58 counties.  These organizations have a vested interest in strong criminal alien laws.

Many of you will say to yourselves: “I’ll let others donate.”  But we can’t make a ballot if enough do not contribute.  We could reach our goal if 10,000 activists in this state contributed $50.  Yes, if everyone who states they are concerned about this problem made an on-line charge, we would have the money to get on the ballot.

This is a long crusade to get this to the voters but it must be done.  Law enforcement officials who express support have stated there will never be any laws like these from a Legislature in California.  An initiative is permanent law, the Legislature cannot touch it, only make it stronger.

We must help stop the criminal illegal alien crisis and start the national debate to end automatic citizenship.  Both are jeopardizing the future of our nation, catapulting it into a Third World status.  Please help our effort and we will meet with success.

On behalf of all endorsers of the California Taxpayer Protection Act, we are very grateful for your contributions.

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