David Simpson – TX House Dist. 7

**  UPDATE  4/11/2010 **

David is doing a wonderful job of meeting the people of District 7.  Before Congress convenes, he is getting a change to hear directly from as many people as possible and no doubt filling notebook after notebook with ways he wants to bring real representation back to the citizens of Texas House District 7.

I picked up a few tidbits from his Facebook page so you can see he isn’t just wasting time until 2011.

From March 31:

“Enjoyed touring the Longview University Center of UT Tyler this morning with Dr. Jack Miller and meeting administrative staff and faculty. Beautiful campus! This afternoon I spoke in the chapels for Longview Christian School. The students were attentive and encouraging. I spoke about God’s providence leading me into politics from Prov. 3:6 and Ps. 75:6-7.”


“Just finished with a legislative roundtable and luncheon held in my honor at the Pinecrest Country Club in Longview. It was a great opportunity to get to know my future constituents better and hear first hand their perspectives on a number of issues. I want to thank Rep. Dan Flynn (HD2), Rep. Dennis Bonnen (HD25), Spea…ker Straus, Judge Bill Stoudt, Mayor Dean, and the Longview Partnership for putting this together. I look forward to serving you all and working with you to do justice and promote freedom and prosperity in Texas.”

From April 2:

“Earlier this evening I attended a large town hall mtg. in Greenville discussing the federal takeover of healthcare. It was hosted by Rep. Flynn. Also participating were Rep. Christian and Sen. Deuell. Ways to stop & reverse this assault on our personal freedom (& responsibility) were considered including legal action, …non-implementation, & repeal of the unconstitutional & fiscally irresponsible legislation.”

From April 5:

“Visited with Dr. Calhoun and many fine people at The UT Health Science Center at Tyler and toured the hospital, research lab, and the Northeast Tx Consortium of Colleges and Universities this afternoon with Rep. Bryan Hughes.”

From April 10:

“Spoke to the Knights of Columbus and their guests this morning at a men’s breakfast in Lindale. There were about 40 in attendance. We had a good time of Q&A as well.”

This one is one of my personal favorites.  I am so thankful that David has his priorities in order.  This will benefit all of the citizens of Texas but especially the citizens of District 7:

From March 27:

“I am taking a few days off the campaign trail to enjoy a special father/daughter retreat with my daughters at Callaway Gardens in Georgia.”

Many of the people David is going to represent are as happy to have such a dedicated Christian, husband and father to represent us and I am.  Here is what some of them are saying:

“What a blessing to see Daddy with his girls! You girls are special, and a daddy-date is really rare for most girls, and I know you appreciate it!”

“Jerry and I are encouraged to hear of our continued vision for our nation. Clearly we need it!! We’ll be praying for you. Having known you for 20 yrs. It’s a great blessing to see you are continuing your stellar walk.”

“Oh, yes, brother…when we acknowledge Him…He will direct our paths. Thank you for taking the dive into politics during this tumultuous time! We need you there so badly! We are praying for you!!!”

“I am so thankful you are choosing to be a good role model for our younger gen. God bless you and strengthen and increase your influence.”

“Thanks David……..preying on others weakness is not the answer. Appreciate you!!!”

“Make sure this fine institution stays open for the people. Do … everything you can to fight the Obamacare so we will have UTHSCT for a very long time in the future.”

“I knew you would “hit the deck a-runnin’,” David. You’re doing all the right things to prepare. May God continue to richly bless you and your family, especially as we approach the anniversary of our Savior’s Resurrection.”

David even “talks back” to constituents when he feels it is important; such as this exchange from April 1:

“I would hope you would support legalized casino gaming in Texas as a means of income for the state.”

David’s response was, “Thank you for your suggestion. It is welcomed and appreciated. However, I am opposed to gambling as a means of taxation. I think our primary budgetary focus should be on cutting spending and reducing the size and scope of government.”

THIS is what I call good leadership in the Texas House of Representatives! We’re all behind you, David!  We know you will do your very best for the citizens and our state.


**  UPDATE 4/1/2010  **

This tidbit from David Simpson’s Facebook page:

Just finished with a legislative roundtable and luncheon held in my honor at the Pinecrest Country Club in Longview. It was a great opportunity to get to know my future constituents better and hear first hand their perspectives on a number of issues. I want to thank Rep. Dan Flynn (HD2), Rep. Dennis Bonnen (HD25), Speaker Straus, Judge Bill Stoudt, Mayor Dean, and the Longview Partnership for putting this together. I look forward to serving you all and working with you to do justice and promote freedom and prosperity in Texas. Below is a photo of Rep. Flynn, myself and Rep. Bonnen.


**  UPDATE 3/3/10  **

East Texas Wins Election

Yesterday was a very interesting day for me to say the very least.  It started early – okay, earlier than usual.  I had a quick sausage biscuit at McDonald’s then went to vote.  I had planned to vote early, but I decided that I would just enjoy the day – the day East Texas wins.

After voting I came home and tried to wait patiently until the polls closed at 7pm and the precinct meetings would be held.  I tried to stay busy with a little housecleaning, magazine-reading, etc, and before I knew it, it was time to go to my precinct meeting.

When I got there, I parked in a handicapped spot as I am allowed to do with the license plate on my car, and started what for me is the long walk to the door.  I was met there by a gentleman who told me I would have to move my car as the parking area including the handicapped parking was being blocked off for the voting machines to be brought to the courthouse.

I had only one option – turn around and come home.  Walking around the courthouse at night in the dark when I can’t see any breaks or rises in the sidewalk that might cause me to lose my balance is something my scoliosis will not allow me to do.  I am quite certain the gentleman was just doing his job, but whoever did the planning should reconsider the arrangements for next year.

When it was time, I drove across town to the David Simpson Election Watch Party at one of our local pizza houses.  The pizza used to be the best in town, but something has happened.  I realized I haven’t missed anything at all by not driving across town to the only location they have.  Our Papa John’s is so much better – and they deliver!

Several people had gathered by the time the first election returns started showing up on a crawler across the television screen.  It showed our candidate, David Simpson, leading by 53% to 46%.  Suddenly, I was a believer.  The banner someone had put up saying, “Congratulations, State Rep.-elect David Simpson” took on new meaning.  Although it was David’s name as the winner, the people of East Texas were the real winners.

I think I have taken enough pot-shots at our former representative, so I will forego saying more about him except just this one thing – it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!

David and his family arrived and the celebration was in full swing.  He did exactly what I had expected him to do – he thanked God for his supporters and announced that the winner was the people.

He will be a fine representative for us.  He may not always make the decisions we think he should, but we can have confidence knowing that those decisions will all have been made from a kneeling position.  We have no right to expect more.

I am told he will have a Libertarian opponent in the November general election.  I will wait to find out whom before I begin actively writing to support David Simpson in that election.  I think it’s only fair.  That doesn’t mean that the Libertarians will get a rest from me.  I fully intend to continue my fight against their socially liberal viewpoints as long as God will allow me to type.

I also want to make it clear that it isn’t the fact that I don’t love liberty and freedom that makes me feel so adamantly that they are wrong.  It is simply that if you are going to claim to be conservative, you must be conservative.  There is no middle ground.  Everyone, including the Libertarians, must make choices.  Being conservative is being conservative. Politically AND socially.


**  UPDATE 2/25/10  **

Here we are just a few days away from Texas Primary Day.  Have you voted early, or are you waiting like I am to vote on Tuesday?  I have planned all along to vote early and get it over with, but I changed my mind when I noticed that one of the candidates I write against has been spending time reading the things I write.  I decided to wait and take a chance on meeting him when I go vote on Tuesday so I can introduce myself and tell him thank you for reading my blog.

I am so excited about voting on Tuesday.  This is the first time in recent memory that I have been able to vote FOR someone instead of AGAINST someone.

I am so pleased to be voting FOR David Simpson.  There are many reasons why, but I found a few of them on his campaign website and wanted to share them with you.

This is David Simpson’s Clear Vision for Texas

If elected as your public servant, I will steadfastly fight for limited government and freedom under the rule of law:

  • Ensure election integrity with photo ID.
  • Reduce government spending — especially wasteful, unnecessary, overlapping programs and agencies.
  • Reduce dependence on property taxes and debt.
  • Secure the border and end benefits to illegal aliens.
  • Enforce the 10th Amendment to stop oppressive, controlling, over-reaching Federal encroachments of State and individual rights.
  • Protect human life — especially the unborn, the weak, and the elderly.
  • Protect individual liberty — your health care decisions, your privacy, your speech, your religion, and your right to peacefully protest.
  • Protect private property from abuse of eminent domain where fair market value is not offered nor paid.
  • Contend for the individual right to keep and bear arms.

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