Kelly Ayotte – US Senate – NH


On Wednesday, Kelly launched her 10 county Stop the Spending tour at the top of the state in Pittsburg. During the next few weeks, she will barnstorm across New Hampshire with a simple message: we need to stop the spend-a-thon in Washington.

“Professional politicians on Capitol Hill are bankrupting our country. We need strong leaders in the Senate who will put a stop to the spend-a-thon in Washington,” said Kelly. “Stopping wasteful Washington spending will take courage and resolve. New Hampshire citizens know that as AG I made tough decisions that weren’t always popular – but that were right for our state. I will take that same tough approach to cutting spending when I get to the U.S. Senate.”

Kelly also launched a new Web site – The page includes an online petition for New Hampshire citizens to demand fiscal discipline in Washington. Take a moment today to visit and let your voice be heard!

Women For Kelly (W4K) 

Kelly’s newest coalition group – Women for Kelly – is up and running. With leadership named and infrastructure in place, “W4K” (as the group likes to call itself) is hitting the road.

Please take a look at upcoming W4K Coffees with Kelly. And if you haven’t already signed up to join the group, please do so now at

Upcoming W4K events – W4K Coffees with Kelly

Monday July 12th

11:00AM – 12:30PM

Barley House

132 North Main Street


Monday July 19th

9:30 AM – 10:30AM

Tilt’n Diner

61 Laconia Road


Be sure to check our website for additional Coffees with Kelly. For more information, please contact Jan Glassman at

67 Days to the Primary – We Need Your Help NOW!

On Saturday from 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM Team Ayotte will be reaching out to supporters in Keene, Manchester and Portsmouth. Why don’t you join us?

We’ll provide all the necessary information and literature, volunteers will be able to spread out in teams. If you’re not up for walking, you can still help Kelly in her efforts, since we will also need drivers. Feel free to bring friends and family with you.

To find out about all of our volunteer opportunities, please email us today at or call our HQs at 603-232-1162.

Kelly On The Trail


Deerfield Famers Market


Deerfield Fairgrounds

Deerfield Barn Party

Old Centre Farm

53 Old Centre Road


Dump Hodes Tour

8:30 AM

Bedford Transfer Station

77 Chubbuck Road in Bedford

Strafford County GOP Picnic

12:00 – 2:00PM

Guppy Park in Dover

NH GOP Reception with Special Guest Gov. Tim Pawlenty

5:00 PM

Hosted by Ayotte supporters Ambassador and Mrs. Petrone at their home in Dublin


Contoocook Valley Republican Committee Coffee and Donut Gathering

10:00 – 11:00AM

8 Blair Avenue


Hillsborough Balloon Fest Parade

Kelly will be marching in with the Contoocook Valley Republican Committee

11:00 AM Lineup at the High School (the parade commences at noon)

Gold Star Mother’s Block Party

2:30 PM -4:30PM

Veterans Park in Manchester

Kelly will be throwing out the first pitch for the Laconia Muskrats vs. Keene Swampbats baseball game

7:00 – 8:00PM

Robbie Mills Field

15 Eastman Road in Laconia

Signs Of The Times

In case you haven’t heard, or seen, Ayotte for Senate lawn signs are in – and they’re looking for a home.

To request a sign (or bumper sticker) send an e-mail message to:



This email from Kelly Ayotte today:

Dear Friends,
Today I voluntarily appeared before a legislative panel in Concord that is reviewing the state’s oversight of Financial Resources Mortgage. I did so to help prevent future white collar crime from ever happening again in New Hampshire.

My heart goes out to the victims of this horrible criminal fraud. Let’s be clear: what happened to the victims of this criminal Ponzi scheme should never have happened – and must be stopped in the future.

As I have said previously, I had no personal knowledge of FRM. Had I known this type of financial crime was being committed in the state, I would have moved quickly to stop it – just like I did with other criminal cases.

In my view, jurisdiction – who was responsible to act – was a significant factor in this matter. I strongly believe that in 2002 the Legislature should not have taken jurisdiction for unfair business and trade practices for matters involving banking and securities from the Consumer Protection Bureau of the Attorney General’s Office.

As a result of the changes in 2002, and further changes in 2004, which were opposed by the Attorney General’s office, the Legislature removed the authority of the Attorney General to pursue actions under the Consumer Protection Act for matters regulated by Banking and Securities. The Legislature also removed a consumer’s private right of action under the Consumer Protection Act for any matters regulated by Banking or Securities.

That means the Attorney General’s Office lost jurisdiction – the ability and responsibility to act on consumer complaints – and that others gained that jurisdiction. That should not have been done. You can’t tie the hands of the Department of Justice behind its back and then expect it to roll up its sleeves and get to work. That’s exactly what happened by taking away jurisdiction from the Consumer Protection Bureau.

Because jurisdiction was removed from the Attorney General’s Office, the Department of Justice referred the consumer complaints it received regarding FRM to the Banking Commissioner in accordance with the law.

To improve financial regulatory oversight in the state, I suggested that legislators take the following actions:

· Reinstate jurisdiction to the Consumer Protection Bureau of the Attorney General’s Office for matters related to banking and securities;

· Allow consumers the right to seek relief under the Consumer Protection Act;

· Establish clear central reporting requirements to ensure communication and coordination across state agencies, so bad actors can’t use jurisdictional exemptions to avoid detection and accountability.

It is my sincere hope that my appearance today will help lawmakers and regulators better protect consumers in New Hampshire. Please know that I remain grateful for your support and look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail soon.




Dear Friends,

Government doesn’t drive the economy and create jobs. American small business owners do.

New Hampshire’s next Senator should be someone who understands the priorities of the small business community. Coming from a small business family – my husband Joe owns a landscaping and snow removal company – I certainly understand the challenges these entrepreneurial men and women face.

That’s why I traveled across the state this week on my New Hampshire Main Street Small Business Tour. Yesterday I made stops in Exeter and Dover, and today I visited small businesses in Peterborough and Keene

As I speak with New Hampshire business owners across the state, their refrain is consistent: Congress has created a culture of uncertainty that makes it very difficult to hire new workers. For over a year, they watched and worried as Democrats pushed a federal takeover of health care paid for with more deficit spending and higher taxes. Now many of them are trying to figure out if they’ll be able to afford it.

At a time when New Hampshire’s small business owners need a strong advocate on Capitol Hill, Paul Hodes is down in Washington working against them. Instead of standing in the way of small business, Congress needs to focus on pro-growth policies that will help smaller firms flourish.

During my tour this week, I made it clear that I will be fighting for small business in Washington. We need to lower taxes so these companies can grow and hire more workers. We also need to make sure we don’t bury them with senseless federal mandates and paperwork. Washington doesn’t know best – we do.

I’ll be meeting with as many small business owners as I can throughout the remainder of this campaign (including a visit to Nashua on Tuesday). If there’s a company I should visit, please let me know.

In other news, I will take time away from the campaign trail this weekend to honor the memory of the brave servicemen and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Memorial Day is a solemn occasion for all Americans. My husband Joe, an Iraq war veteran, and I plan to attend an observance at the Veterans Cemetery in Boscawen, along with events in Nashua and Bow. I hope you will take time this weekend to remember those who gave their all so that we can live in freedom.

Thank you for all you do to help our campaign. I hope to see you on the trail soon.


Kelly Ayotte


Kelly Ayotte has issued a statement regarding Obama’s choice for the Supreme Court.  I totally share her opinion on this matter.

Ayotte Statement on Supreme Court Nomination

Former New Hampshire Attorney General Kelly Ayotte, of Nashua, released the following statement today regarding Elena Kagan’s nomination to serve as a U.S. Supreme Court justice:

“Without a judicial record to review, we are compelled to carefully examine Elena Kagan’s past actions. As a member of a military family whose husband was in ROTC and served in the Iraq war, I am profoundly concerned about Kagan’s radical views regarding our military. Kagan’s effort to bar military recruiters from Harvard Law School, her filing a brief in opposition to the Solomon Amendment, and her encouragement of students to protest military recruiters even after the United States Supreme Court unanimously rejected her position regarding military recruiters, seriously undermines her qualifications to serve on the Supreme Court. It is astounding to me that the President would nominate someone who actively worked to hinder our armed services’ ability to recruit the best and brightest. Pushing such a position that is so fringe and contrary to our military suggests that Kagan’s thinking falls well outside the mainstream and I do not believe she will adhere to the Constitution’s provision to ‘provide for the common defense.’ Therefore, I oppose her nomination to the Supreme Court.”


The Kelly Ayotte campaign introduced a video on April 16 to show the marked difference between Kelly and Paul Hodes.  I think it speaks very clearly to the issue that many Republicans are feeling these days about incumbents regardless of which party the incumbent is supposedly representing.  Give it a look.



Kelly increases lead over Hodes to 15 points in latest Rasmussen poll

Here’s some great news for a Friday afternoon: Rasmussen has just released a poll showing Kelly leading Paul Hodes 50%-35% in the race for U.S. Senate.

Kelly’s momentum continues to grow. This poll confirms what she’s been seeing and hearing from the people of New Hampshire as she’s campaigned all across the state. People are ready for a change of direction in Washington, and they’re ready to send Paul Hodes, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid packing.

Let’s keep the momentum going- click here to volunteer or make a contribution to Kelly’s campaign.

The Rasmussen poll shows clearly that the people of New Hampshire oppose the Paul Hodes- Nancy Pelosi- Barack Obama healthcare takeover. According to the poll, 58% of those surveyed in New Hampshire favor repealing the health care bill. We need Kelly in the Senate to make that happen.

Kelly’s campaign is catching fire. She’s going to need all the help she can get to fight against the Democrats in Washington, so please make sure to join her Facebook group, sign up as a volunteer, or make a donation of any amount to help keep the momentum going.

Thanks for your support,
Brooks Kochvar
Campaign Manager
Ayotte for Senate



Ayotte Town Hall Meeting with Senator John McCain

On Saturday, Kelly held her first town hall meeting in Nashua with special guest, Senator John McCain.

Kelly and the Senator addressed the large crowd and took multiple questions from the excited participants who turned out in droves to support her campaign.  Thank you to everyone who attended!

See more coverage of the town hall here.

Circumventing the Constitution: Congress can do better

In case you missed it, read Kelly’s new post on health care reform.

It looks like nothing – not even the U.S. Constitution – will stop Democrats from trying to takeover health care.

When it became clear that they didn’t have enough votes to pass their legislation under ordinary rules, they first turned to an obscure tactic known as “budget reconciliation.” Created during the Nixon administration, this procedural tool was intended to provide a way for lawmakers to modify spending programs. Rarely used over the past few decades, reconciliation appeals to Democrats now because measures considered under the procedure require only 51 votes in the Senate for passage – not the usual 60 that are required to end debate.

But Democrats in the House are so worried about voting for the Senate bill’s “Cornhusker Kickback,” “Louisiana Purchase” and Florida “GatorAid” buy-offs that they’re ready to write new rules just to avoid taking a stand on these shameless giveaways. At a time when Americans need real leadership, Democrats are looking for legislative loopholes to avoid being held accountable for this package of backroom deals.

Read more here

Upcoming Ayotte Events and Travel

This week, Kelly was in Nashua for Mayor Streeter’s Wild Irish Breakfast, she attended the John P. Ganley St. Patrick’s Day Memorial Award Luncheon in Salem and was in Manchester for Bobby Stephen’s St. Patrick’s Day Celebration which benefited his fund for education.

Yesterday, Kelly was in Concord for the Vesta Roy March to November.

Today, Kelly was in Portsmouth and later this evening, will attend the Hillsborough County Lincoln-Reagan Gala in Bedford.

On Sunday, Kelly will be in Plymouth for the Grafton County Republican Committee Meeting.

Kelly needs your help to take her message of fiscal discipline and real reform to Washington!



Please join

Senator John McCain


Former New Hampshire Attorney General

Kelly Ayotte

For a Town Hall Meeting

Date: Saturday, March 13, 2010

Time: 10:00 AM

Location: Pennichuck Middle School

207 Manchester Street

Nashua, NH 03064-8112

Room – Cafeteria

Please RSVP by Friday March 12th

Additional Information: For questions please call (603)-232-1162.

We welcome you to invite friends and family to this exciting event.


Feb. 25, 2010

Paul Hodes Refuses to Let Go of Public Option

Continues Push For Government Takeover Of Health Care

Paul Hodes couldn’t be more out of touch with New Hampshire. As President Obama unveils a $1 trillion health care plan, Hodes has doubled-down on the deeply unpopular public option. He’s even joined the fringe of his party in trying to ram government-run health care through Congress.

“Maybe if Paul Hodes read the health care bill or had held open town hall meetings with New Hampshire voters, he’d understand that Granite State families don’t support his plan for a $1 trillion government takeover of health care that cuts Medicare, raises taxes, makes coverage more expensive, and spends our nation further into debt.

“We need common sense health care reform that results in improved care with lower costs. That’s why Kelly Ayotte supports meaningful lawsuit abuse reform, which estimates show would reduce costs by $54 billion, as well as wellness programs and increasing competition through measures such as allowing the purchase of insurance across state lines.”

Read more here.

Ayotte On The Issues

In case you missed it, view Kelly’s new Issue pages on her website, and let us know your thoughts.

Budget and Spending

Kelly Ayotte will fight hard for New Hampshire taxpayers to stop the professional politicians from bankrupting our country. This year’s budget deficit is a staggering $1.4 trillion and our national debt is over $12 trillion. Congress cannot continue to spend money that we do not have, and burden our children with a debt they cannot afford. We need to return to a fiscally responsible, common sense approach to spending that allows our country to prosper and create jobs.

Read more here.

Crime And Safety

As Attorney General, Kelly Ayotte served New Hampshire as a tough on crime prosecutor fighting to keep families safe. Under Kelly’s watch as the chief law enforcement officer, New Hampshire was ranked the safest state in the Nation for the past two years.

Read more here.

Energy And The Environment

Our country needs a comprehensive energy policy that reduces U.S. dependence on foreign sources of energy. We can accomplish this through increased conservation efforts and by expanding our domestic energy sources.

Read more here.

Health Care

With health care costs growing at unsustainable rates, it is becoming increasingly difficult for small businesses to provide coverage for employees and more expensive for New Hampshire families to obtain affordable coverage. Congress needs to enact meaningful health care reforms that lower costs and improve quality.

Read more here.


Kelly Ayotte is committed to strengthening New Hampshire’s economy and nurturing new opportunities for business owners. She understands the critical role that entrepreneurs and small business owners play in ensuring that New Hampshire has a vibrant economy.

Read more here.

National Security

President Obama recently stated that we are at war with Al Qaeda, and I agree with him. Unfortunately, we part ways after that, as his policies do not match his rhetoric.

Read more here.

Responsible Government

As Attorney General, Kelly Ayotte earned a reputation for keeping our public servants honest. When our elected officials violated the public trust, Kelly prosecuted them regardless of political party. Unfortunately, in Washington, backroom deals have become the norm and legislators trading favors for votes has become common place.

Read more here.

Second Amendment

Kelly Ayotte has a strong record of protecting New Hampshire citizens’ rights to keep and bear arms. Kelly is a strong and passionate supporter of our citizens’ individual right to keep and bear arms.

Read more here.

Upcoming Ayotte Events and Travel

On Friday, Kelly will attend the NH GOP Reception with Representative Paul Ryan in Hampton Falls.

On Sunday, Kelly will be in Epsom for the Suncook Valley GOP Committee Candidate Forum.

Next week, Kelly will be on the Seacoast for the Portsmouth Rotary’s Candidates Luncheon on Thursday and will attend the Strafford County Lincoln-Regan Reception on Friday.

Help Kelly take her message of fiscal discipline and real reform to Washington!


Feb 15 2010

On Spending, Hodes’ Deeds Don’t Match His Words

I have four ideas to rein in the budget

Kelly Ayotte

The following op-ed ran in the Concord Monitor.

Earlier this month, U.S. Rep. Paul Hodes wrote a column lecturing New Hampshire voters on the need for fiscal discipline in government (“Time to get serious about deficits, waste,” Monitor Forum, Feb. 3). Unfortunately, his actions do not match his rhetoric.

Hodes said families “cut their budgets, tightened their belts and made do with less. . . . It’s time for Washington to do the same.” However, he did the opposite when he voted to increase Congress’s own operating budget by 5.7 percent this year.

The most glaring example of Hodes’s hypocrisy comes with his call to end earmarks. Just two months ago, he voted for the omnibus appropriations bill that included more than 5,000 earmarks and then voted for a defense bill that included more than $4 billion in earmarks. According to Citizens Against Government Waste, over the past two years, Hodes was responsible for 64 earmarks costing $68 million. During this time, Congress passed 21,000 earmarks, most of which Hodes supported.

An examination of our country’s finances since Hodes took office shows an even more alarming disregard for fiscal responsibility. Since Hodes was elected to Congress in 2006, the annual budget has grown from $2.65 trillion to $3.99 trillion, an eye popping 50 percent increase in three years. During his time in office, the annual deficit has gone from $248 billion to $1.56 trillion, a staggering 525 percent increase. And our national debt has climbed from $8.4 trillion to more than $12.3 trillion.

Hodes’s duplicity on spending is an example of what is wrong with the professional politicians in Washington. Republicans and Democrats have put us on a financial path we cannot sustain. They are spending money by the trillions and running up a debt we cannot afford.

Washington needs a strong dose of New Hampshire common sense. We cannot continue to spend money that we do not have. Like most middle-class New Hampshire families, my husband, Joe, and I sit around our kitchen table and prioritize to live within our family’s budget. Our government should be no different. Government must prioritize its spending and live within its means. Congress will have to make some difficult decisions, but these decisions must be made for the good of our country. More important, our leaders need to make the right decisions to protect our future, not just decisions based on getting re-elected.

Here are some steps that I think we can agree would help us get spending under control:

o Pass a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution to force Washington to live within its means. New Hampshire and 48 other states have some requirement to balance their budgets. The federal government should follow their example.

o End the $787 billion stimulus bill that was passed one year ago that Hodes supported. This massive spending spree was billed as a necessary boost to our economy to reduce unemployment, but since it passed, unemployment continued to rise. According to the government’s own numbers, $514 billion of stimulus dollars have yet to be spent. These unspent funds should be applied to reduce the deficit.

o Congress should end earmarking. The recent buying of votes in the health care bill, with special deals like the Louisiana purchase and cornhusker deal, demonstrate that reforming the earmarking process will not be enough to end the corruption. To show that I am serious about ending earmarks, I have signed Citizens Against Government Waste’s “No Pork Pledge.” Signing this pledge means I will not request pork barrel earmarks.

o Rather than placing government programs on autopilot, Congress should regularly ask, “Does this function continue to be needed?” As Ronald Reagan said, “A government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life.” By adding an expiration date to federal programs through “sunset” legislation, we can ensure they will be regularly reviewed for waste, duplication or inefficiency.

We need more than empty election-year promises to get our fiscal house in order. Our country deserves real leadership across party lines. Together, we can bring fiscal sanity and New Hampshire common sense to Washington to get our country back on track.

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