Paul Smith – CA – CD5

**  UPDATE 7/1/10  **

Excellent news from the Paul Smith Campaign!

Today we are launching our new website. Please go to You will find several new features, and the ability to read up on all my positions.   We hope you like our new format and in a few short days we will be hosting a live interactive web forum that will allow you to type in a question and read my response right away.  Please sign up as a member or volunteer to have access to the forum and the next live forum webinar.

Thanks for supporting my campaign and watch for more upcoming events and meetings you can attend.  Please forward to a friend and help grown our community on-line.  And please contribute if you can here.

Remember it’s “Smith in the 5th… the race is on!”

Thanks again for being a supporter!

Paul Smith


**  UPDATE 6/21/10  **

Paul Smith Event

“On Tuesday, June 22nd, at 9:00 am I will be discussing Nuclear Energy in the United States at the Sacramento Association of Realtors, located at 2003 Howe Avenue in Sacramento Ca. Currently, I am an advisor to the Presidents Blue Ribbon Commission on Nuclear Energy.  Two of my articles are now posted on their website.

As you may not know, all nuclear facilities have been closed to the public since 9-11.  Earlier this year I was afforded the opportunity to tour a nuclear disposal site located outside of Carlsbad, New Mexico.  The facility is 2,100 feet underground.  I will report on this site, Yucca Mountain, the political climate, and the crisis looming for the U.S. regarding nuclear power.

I will have exclusive video and photos that are not available to the general public to view.  My first hand knowledge of the nuclear industry and the growing inability for the U.S. to meet its electrical needs should be a concern for all of us.

Please join me in an important discussion on this topic on Tuesday.

Please help me take back the country.  Please visit my website and join my growing list of volunteers and/or contribute.


On Thursday, June 24th, at 12 noon in front of the Sacramento City Hall, located at 915 I Street in Sacramento, I will be holding a “Recall the Sacramento City Council” rally.  I will be detailing out the City Councils inability to run and manage the city, and explain how the website will function in helping to get signatures.

My special guest will be Recall Sacramento founder, and KTKZ radio talk show host, Eric Hogue.  Hear how we can take back our city first hand.

As your next Representative in the 5th Congressional District, I cannot stand by and watch our City Council destroy our businesses by sanctioning Arizona.  I have received hundreds of emails saying they will no longer do business in Sacramento because of the councils action last Tuesday.  Thousands across the country have joined a “Boycott Sacramento” group on FB. Today I learned of a movement to boycott the State Fair.

The Sacramento City Council must change the way they do business or I fear we will become the next Detroit, if we continue to lose our tax base.  Since the council does not seem to care about our city and our local businesses, the only choice we have is to recall them and elect new council members that understand our cities needs.

Any and all requests for interviews or information should be directed towards me.

Please join me on Thursday.  Let’s take back our Government!

Please help me take back the country.  Please visit my website and join my growing list of volunteers and/or contribute.


Paul Smith.  Putting the Voters first!

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