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**  UPDATE  **  7/6/10

Nobody knows education and education funding like a teacher.

“Political Theater by Texas Congressional Democrats”

By Donna Garner


Democrat Congressmen Chet Edwards and Lloyd Doggett (along with other Democrats) have shown their true colors.

Not only did they and their Democrat cronies attach more than $20 billion in domestic spending provisions to the supplemental war-spending bill (H. R. 4899 passed by the House on 7.1.10), but they attached Amendment #2 that is specifically focused on Texas as an attempt to take revenge on Texas Republican Gov. Perry and Commissioner of Education Robert Scott.


Gov. Perry and Commissioner Scott were wise enough to recognize the dangers presented to our Texas public schools by Obama’s plan to federalize public schools through the Common Core Standards and Race to the Top:

National standards  →  national tests  →  national curriculum → teachers’ salaries tied to students’ test scores  →  teachers teaching to the test each and every day  →  federal indoctrination of our public school children

Texas has spent the last four years rewriting its own standards (English / Language Arts / Reading, Science, and Social Studies), and Perry and Scott refused to dismiss that excellent work.  They (along with Alaska) turned down the Obama administration’s federal “carrot” by refusing to participate in Common Core Standards and Race to the Top.  Now Gov. Perry and Commissioner Scott have a target on their backs.


Democrat Congressmen Chet Edwards and Lloyd Doggett added Amendment #2 to H. R. 4899 that will keep Texas state education officials from deciding how $800 Million in federal aid to Texas’ public schools should be spent.

Amendment #2 states that for Texas to get the $800 Million for the public schools, Gov. Perry would have to guarantee that the Legislatures for the next three fiscal years (through 2013) would appropriate school funding that would equal or exceed current funding.

First problem:  The Texas Constitution does not give a Governor the authority to tell the Legislature how to spend its appropriations.

Second problem: The Governor does not have the Constitutional authority to bind future Legislatures to explicit appropriations amounts.


What Democrats Edwards and Doggett have done is to attach an amendment to federal legislation that usurps the authority of our Texas Constitution.  I wonder how most Texans would feel about that!

Even if the two unconstitutional problems were resolved, Texas would not be able to utilize the $800 Million in H. R. 4899 because those federal funds would have to be distributed through the federal Title I program.

According to data provided by the Texas Education Agency today, 852 school districts would get less funding than they would get through Texas’ present state funding formulas.  This means that 852 public schools would actually lose money if Texas allowed the amendment designed by our Texas Democrat Congressmen to usurp our Texas Constitution.  How crazy is that?


Here’s the biggest irony of all:  Under Amendment #2, the public schools in Congressman Chet Edwards’ District 17 would lose $7,448,696.  Congressman Lloyd Doggett’s school districts would lose $2,407,276.  I can hardly wait until the school superintendents in those Congressional districts learn what their Congressmen have done to them.


Last year, Congressman Lloyd Doggett complained loudly that the $3.2 billion Stimulus funds should have gone to the public schools and that instead the money was kept in the Rainy Day Fund.

Is Doggett’s contention accurate?


From the very beginning, Gov. Perry said Texas should only take Stimulus funds for one-time expenses. Texas school districts knew the funding was only for two years.  Gov. Perry warned on 2.17.09 (Houston Chronicle):

‘In Texas, we actually know it is a good idea to look a gift horse in the mouth. If we don’t, we may end up with an old nag,’ said Perry, who has been critical of such federal spending and voiced concern over whether the state could afford federal strings.


Did Texas public schools receive a sizeable share of the Stimulus funds?  On 7.20.09, the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts said that the federal Stimulus law sent Texas at least $6.4 billion for public education over two years.

A billion went for low-interest school construction bonds, renovation, and land purchases; and another $2.2 billion was sent to school districts for special education or at-risk students. The Stimulus money was not to be used by schools for maintenance costs.

The final $3.2 billion of the Stimulus money is what the Legislature used to plug budgetary holes.

Austin ISD received about $41 million over two years, and around $39 million was given to other Central Texas school districts.  Similar amounts went to school districts all across the state.

Were there definite accountability rules built into the Stimulus funds?  In today’s Dallas Morning News, it was reported that school districts were allowed to use up to $25,000 of the Stimulus funds with no federal reporting; unfortunately, it is almost impossible to track those funds.

On July 24, 2009 (Austin American-Statesman), Congressman Lloyd Doggett reported, “The U.S. Department of Education has approved Texas’ application for using $3.2 billion in federal stimulus money.”

The Austin American-Statesman went on to say:

That money will be used to pay for textbooks and a $1.9 billion increase in school funding, which covers an $800 raise for all Texas teachers…There had been concerns that the Texas application might not win federal approval…Congressional Democrats had complained loudly that Texas misused its stimulus money by filling the state’s budget holes with the federal dollars while leaving untouched the $9.1 billion rainy day fund.

The Stimulus funds went to pay for Special Education and/or at-risk students, school construction bonds, textbooks, and teachers’ raises.  Texas kept its Rainy Day Fund locked away for future emergencies.  The U. S. Department of Education approved Texas’ application for the $3.2 billion, and Texas public schools did indeed get a huge share of the Stimulus funds.


Michael Q. Sullivan of Empower Texans recently reported on May 19, 2010:

Texas taxpayers now spend $11,084 per year/ per child on public education. But less than half of it makes it toward instructional expenses…Ten years ago Texas was spending just $5,857. (If per-pupil spending had increased with inflation, it’d be just $7,542 now, not $11,084.)…We had 22 percent more non-teachers on the payroll in 2009 than in 1999.


I see no reason for Democrat Congressmen Edwards and Doggett to fault Texas for its use of the Stimulus funds. The truth is that Texas public schools got a huge infusion of money, and the Democrats have no grounds whatsoever to add the Texas-specific Amendment #2 to the war spending bill.


Obviously Amendment #2 was written to create political theater in an election year where Democrats Bill White, Congressman Chet Edwards, and Congressman Lloyd Doggett are on the November ballot.

Republican Bill Flores is a well-qualified, conservative candidate running against Chet Edwards, and Gov. Perry has a very successful record on which to base his re-election.  Conservative physician Donna Campbell is running against Lloyd Doggett.

I would say that all three – White, Edwards, and Doggett – have reasons to worry about Nov. 2, 2010.


Because the House legislation is different from the bill previously passed in the Senate, H. R. 4899 must go back to the Senate for final approval.  The Senate will not take up the bill until July 12 because legislators will be gone to Sen. Robert Byrd’s funeral.

Please write to Senators Cornyn and Hutchison and ask them not to vote for H. R. 4899 with the egregious Amendment #2 attached.


**  UPDATE  ** 5/11/10

Texas Democrat House Member Patrick Rose and Democrat Senator Rodney Ellis are two liberal Democrats who have positioned themselves in opposition to the education reform efforts led by the conservatives on the Texas State Board of Education.

Texas Freedom Network considers Rose and Ellis to be their heroes because last spring Rose and Ellis wrote a scathing op-ed during the time that the members of the SBOE were battling to adopt new Science standards.  Deliberately overlooked by Rose and Ellis is that the word “Creationism” was never ever mentioned in the Science standards, and the completed Science standards have been deemed to be among the best in the United States.

Rep. Patrick Rose is also a member of the Mexican American Legislative Caucus that held its sham “kangaroo court” on April 28, 2010, to lambaste the work of the majority of the SBOE members who are battling to adopt the most patriotic Social Studies standards in America.  The final vote on the document will be next week on May 21.

Now we find out that Republican Speaker of the House Joe Strauss is a big fundraiser for liberal Democrat, Rep. Patrick Rose.  Rose is running against a conservative Republican named Jason Isaac.

Something is badly wrong with this picture.  Shouldn’t the Republican Speaker of the House be supporting the Republican candidate for the Texas House?

Texas’ House Speaker in a Jam: Say It Ain’t So, Joe!

By Fernando Trevino, Write for the Right.com

Earlier today I got news of a fundraiser that will take place this Wednesday, May 12th, in Driftwood, Texas. At first I thought it was a joke, or just a crazy rumor, but after researching, I discovered that the Republican Speaker of the Texas House, Joe Straus, will be headlining the fundraiser for Democratic State Representative Patrick Rose! One of the most frustrating things about this is that the Speaker of the House is failing to follow our state platform!

Now if you do not believe then please check it out for yourself: http://www.patrickrose.com/rose-straus-reception/

On September 20, 2008, the Republican Party of Texas adopted this resolution:

“… that the Republican Party of Texas requests that every Republican public and party candidate and office holder refrain from using his or her office, title, or name to endorse, support, or campaign for a candidate of another party, or against the candidate of the Republican Party”.


You can read the entire article here.


**  UPDATE  4/30/10  **

“David Sibley Caught in a Lie”

by Donna Garner

David Sibley is running against Brian Birdwell for a Republican seat in the Texas Senate (District 22).  It was disturbing enough when I added up David Sibley’s lobbying fees posted on the Texas Ethics Commission website — more than $13.5 Million in 7 years.  However, now we learn even more unsettling information about Sibley:  He gave campaign donations to some of the most liberal Democrat legislators in the Texas legislature – Hochberg, Rose, Herrero, and Shapleigh.

Texas Senator Eliot Shapleigh (El Paso) is closely associated with Texas Freedom Network/Planned Parenthood/Human Rights Campaign (homosexual organization) and led the fight to vilify publicly Don McLeroy, chairman of the Texas State Board of Education.  Because of Shapleigh and the liberal coalition, McLeroy ended up being driven out of his Board seat.

What was McLeroy’s crime?  He helped to lead the way for Texas students to study all sides (i.e., both strengths and weaknesses) of scientific theories, including evolution.  McLeroy also committed the “unpardonable sin” of leading the way for all public school students to become proficient in English!

By Sibley supporting the election of liberal Texas Senator Shapleigh, we have Sibley to hold accountable for Shapleigh’s damaging legislative activities.

When Sibley’s Democrat donations were brought to light by the Brian Birdwell campaign at the Waco Republican Women’s Club meeting last week, what did Sibley do?  He “misspoke” (i.e., lied) and tried to cover up his donations.

Here are excerpts from Mike Hailey’s Capitol Inside from April 30, 2010.

Birdwell Rips GOP Rival in Senate Battle on Contributions in the Past to Democrats

By Mike Hailey

Capitol Inside Editor

…Birdwell, a retired Army officer who’s competing against Sibley and two other candidates in a special election next week for an open state Senate seat in Central Texas, contended that the former state senator [David Sibley] who wants his old job back told the Waco Republican Women club earlier this week that he’d never donated to Democratic candidates when they faced GOP opposition in political campaigns.

But Birdwell pointed to Texas Ethics Commission records that show that Sibley did give campaign cash to nine Democratic incumbents when they were running for re-election against Republican foes in competitive races during the past six years…

Birdwell, who was severely injured in the terrorist attack on the Pentagon nine years ago, sought and obtained an opinion early this week from a retired judge who agreed that he’d been a resident of Texas for 37 years even though he’d been out of the state part of that time on military duty or when being treated for burns suffered on 9/11…

Six of the Democrats who received contributions from Sibley – State Representatives David Farabee of Wichita Falls, Abel Herrero of Corpus Christi, Scott Hochberg of Houston, Mark Homer of Paris, Jim McReynolds of Lufkin and Patrick Rose of Dripping Springs – accepted donations from the ex-legislator for contested general election races that were pivotal in the minority party’s push to reclaim the majority that it held in the lower chamber until the GOP seized control seven years ago.

Sibley gave money as well to former House member Robby Cook of Eagle Lake in 2006 for his last winning bid against a Republican challenger in a battle for a Central Texas seat that the GOP captured two years later when he didn’t seek re-election. Sibley donated to State Representative  Chuck Hopson of Jacksonville in 2008 for a battle that a GOP challenger almost won in what turned out to be the incumbent’s last campaign as a Democrat before becoming a Republican himself a year later.

The list of Democrats who reported contributions from Sibley included State Senator Eliot Shapleigh, an El Paso lawmaker who took $1,000 from his former Senate colleague a month before he prevailed in a battle with Republican Dee Margo…

Sibley’s campaign acknowledges that he misspoke when telling the women’s organization that he hadn’t ever given money to Democrats for battles with Republican opponents…

But Republican National Committeeman Bill Crocker, who’s been a Birdwell supporter since he launched his bid to replace former Senate member Kip Averitt, said Sibley’s contributions to Democrats were still cause for concern among conservative voters in the heavily Republican SD 22.

“Lobbyist David Sibley’s pattern of supporting some of the most liberal Democrats in Texas is a serious matter for anyone who calls themselves a conservative,” Crocker said. “Despite David Sibley’s assurances that he had not supported Democrats against Republicans, the facts speak for themselves. This is troubling to those of us who have worked hard to build a Republican majority in this state.”

Sibley, who served in the Senate for 11 years before stepping down in 2002, had given to several dozen Democratic candidates for the Legislature after leaving the Legislature…

While the winner of the special contest will serve through the remainder of 2010 until Averitt’s unexpired term expires, the 10 county chairs for both major political parties will choose replacement nominees for the general election ballot if the former senator who won the Republican primary election in a re-election race he’s cancelled in January officially withdraws as the nominee before late August.

IMPORTANT: May 8, 2010, is the special election date to fill the Senate District 22 seat vacated by Sen. Kip Averitt.

The early voting period for this special election runs from April 26 to May 4, 2010.


**  UPDATE  4/29/10  **

“David Sibley and His Family Values?”

by Donna Garner


Because my husband and I live in Texas Senate District 22, we have received numerous, gorgeous, full-color mail outs from David Sibley who is running for Sen. Kip Averitt’s seat.

Maybe I have missed it; but where on these beautifully produced mail outs does it list David Sibley’s LOBBYING ACTIVITIES?

Where does it tell that David Sibley, his wife, and his children have made multi-millions as lobbyists?

When people hear that someone is a lobbyist, most of us plain, old, everyday people do not really understand what that means.  Therefore, I have gone back to 2002 and posted the lobbying activities of the Sibley family through 2009.  (The Texas Ethics Commission has not posted online lobbying information dated before 2002.)

I would attempt to add up the estimated total of the Sibleys’ lobbying activities, but my calculator will not go that high!

I do not fault people for becoming millionaires, but I do not want multi-millionaire lobbyist/ politicians deciding on bills in the Texas Legislature that are tied to their lobbyist buddies.

How objective could David Sibley be as a Texas Legislator when companies for whom he and/or his family have been lobbyists come knocking on his door?

Please take a few minutes to scan over the following information.  It does not take long to realize that there are hundreds of pieces of legislation that would be tied to the companies for whom the Sibleys have been lobbyists.

David Sibley could not possibly recuse himself from voting on legislative bills that represent a conflict of interest for him because his multi-million dollar, wide-ranging, previous lobbying activates would force him to become a “Full-Time Recuser.”

Sibley touts his conservative credentials and his support for family values; but in my opinion, making money as a lobbyist for both the tobacco and beer industries for at least seven years “doth not a true conservative make.”

I imagine the healthcare workers who treat smoking disorders, including various forms of cancer, heart, and lung ailments, would question how deep Sibley’s family values really go when he has become a wealthy man promoting the tobacco industry.

I feel sure that the highway patrolmen and emergency workers whose job it is to scrape up the broken bodies from automobile accidents where alcohol use has been involved would also question the depth of Sibley’s family values.


**  UPDATE  4/28/10  **

Report on Representative Chet Edwards

(This was written by a resident in the district represented poorly by US Representative Chet Edwards.)

Edwards, an Aggie, represents the congressional district in which Texas A&M sits.

Texas A&M has long been involved with Pointe du Hoc, collecting artifacts there and in 2006 performing the initial study showing the site could be preserved.

At the risk of sounding somewhat jaded, I simply have to ask the following questions about today’s Waco Trib “puff” piece on Chet Edwards:

First of all, would Chet Edwards have dedicated himself to fight this “lonely battle” (I love the choice of words coming from a fellow Democrat Senator) if Texas A&M had been in some other Congressman’s district?

Second, how much of his own personal wealth has Chet spent on this Normandy project? After all, the appropriations used to pay for this very admirable project belong to us taxpayers – not to Chet.  As a fiscally irresponsible Congressman, Chet has always been adept at spending other people’s money.

Sad to say, after closely following Edwards’ voting record and campaign style for eighteen years, I know that he never does anything back home unless it is for political gain.  The reason he has remained in office for so long is that he has been able to live a double life — the one that he adopts back home and the one that he adopts in the Beltway.

Back home, he is the patriotic, God-fearing, defender of America and its military. Chet used to have the voters in the Ft. Hood area within his Congressional district until redistricting occurred.  When that occurred, Chet had to change his political strategies a bit and decided to became the “savior” of the Waco VA Hospital whereby he could still keep his well-crafted image in place.

In Washington, D. C., he is the big-spending, abortion-supporting, wheeling-dealing politician who has proved his liberal credentials enough to be chosen by Nancy Pelosi as her choice for Vice President of the United States.

My, what a difference an election year makes!  Because of the emergence of the tea partiers, Bill Flores (a well-connected, successful, millionaire businessman), and a whole host of other excellent candidates, Chet has had to control his liberal, big-spending ways lately.

Chet even had to vote against the House version of Cap and Trade and the healthcare bill (although he voted for the Slaughter Solution that opened the way for the entire healthcare bill to be brought to the floor for a vote).

Because it is hard to keep up with a Congressman who has two faces, let’s refresh our memories about Chet’s fiscally irresponsible voting record:

$700,000,000,000 ($700 Billion) – first Wall Street bailout version (9.29.08) that included the hidden funding for ACORN

$787,000,000,000 ($787 Billion) – Obama’s Stimulus Package (more than $1 Trillion with interest), including $5.2 billion for ACORN

$410,000,000,000 ($410 Billion) – Obama’s Omnibus Bill (H. R. 1105) with its nearly 9,000 earmarks, including a total of $176,345,771 inserted by Congressman Edwards himself

$3,500,000,000,000 ($3.5 Trillion) – Obama’s 2010 budget (4.2.09)

$l,900,000,000,000 ($1.9 Trillion) – increased federal debt ceiling to $14.3 Trillion (2.12.10

[Obama’s new budget bill (2011) is for $3.8 Trillion and is awaiting a vote in Congress.]

From National Taxpayers Union (2008 – last year for which ratings are available) – Chet Edwards voted to protect taxpayers only 15% of the time.

From Americans for Tax Reform (2007 – last year for which ratings are available) – Chet Edwards voted to protect taxpayers only 5% of the time.

We voters need to keep all of this in mind as we read today’s feel-good, political “puff” piece on Chet Edwards.  Remember that Chet never makes a move unless it is for political reasons.


**  UPDATE  2/26/10  **

From my friend, Ms. Garner:

Excerpts taken from Texas Right to Life PAC, 2.26.10:

Both Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and US Congresswoman Kay Granger (R-Fort Worth, District 12) wish that more pro-choice (that is, pro-abortion) Republicans would win office—so much so that they both have belonged to the WISH List (Women In the Senate and House), an organization focused on electing pro-choice Republican women.

Senator Hutchison served on the advisory board of the WISH List, and the WISH List contributed $34,500 to Hutchison’s first Senate campaign.  In 2005, she asked for her name to be removed from their lists when considering a 2006 run for Texas governor. The removal signified an attempt to hide her views on abortion…

Don’t forget that Senator Hutchison voted to affirm that Roe v. Wade is appropriate law for the land. She is also on record in support of removing the Pro-Life plank from the Republican National Platform. In 2005, Terry Sullivan, Hutchison’s campaign manager in Austin, noted to the Star-Telegram, “[T]he senator has enjoyed strong support from GOP voters and has made no efforts to conceal her views on abortion.”

Any vote is better than no vote at all, but a vote for Kay Bailey Hutchison for Governor or Kay Granger for Congress is a vote for pro-choice murder of unborn babies!  Could you sleep at night if you did that?  I couldn’t.


**  UPDATE  2/23/10  **

As previously written, Ron Paul has his work cut out for him in District 14.  I noticed this press release from the Tim Gainey campaign today and thought you might enjoy reading why I’ve been fighting so hard against Ron Paul and his Libertarians who call themselves Republicans sometimes.

Debate or Debacle?

Katy, TX – February 23, 2010 – This past Saturday the local Katy Tea Party Patriots hosted a debate for the candidates of the 14th Congressional District.  All four Republican contenders were in attendance for the event.

Candidates were allowed opening and closing statements, and fielded several questions during the course of the debate.  The debate was often interrupted by frequent outbursts of boos and name calling from Ron Paul supporters in the crowd.

In response to the debate Republican Tim Graney said, “I feel like a front runner who’s getting the message across to voters.  Why else would Ron Paul have his supporters continuously boo and call names out at the stage, while I was speaking?  Paul’s supporters were rude and inconsiderate of the fact that this was a civilized debate about real issues.  There was no need for that kind of behavior, and as far as I’m concerned Ron Paul condones these acts, because he certainly didn’t denounce them.”

Graney went on to say, “I think this debate showed real differences between Congressman Paul and me.  Voters are learning that Ron Paul has been ineffective in Congress for over a decade, while also ignoring Katy, the 3rd largest block of voters in the District. He can try and refute that claim, as he did in the debate, but the truth is the truth; Ron Paul is an ineffective career politician.”

Graney for Congress
2910 Commercial Center Blvd – Suite 103-314
Katy, TX 77494-6584
Phone: 281-398-9927
Fax: 281-398-6488



**  UPDATE 2/11/10  **

Here’s another piece of really good information from my friend, Donna.  Every seat is important – especially when it’s a seat on the Texas School Board. Those people determine what our children and grandchildren are taught.

“Tim Tuggey, Unfit for Texas State Bd. of Ed.”

By Donna Garner


Ken Mercer, Republican District #5, San Antonio, is a conservative member on the Texas State Board of Education.  A lawyer-lobbyist named Tim Tuggey has decided to run against Mercer in the Republican primary, yet Tuggey has given 31 personal contributions to 22 Democrats for over $41,000 in the last several years.

Now new information has surfaced about Tim Tuggey:  He is listed on the Department of Justice Criminal Division website* at least 70 times as a Registered Foreign Agent for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Why would Tuggey actively seek out and proudly represent Saudi Arabia as a Foreign Agent?

One year after the September 11 attacks, Tim Tuggey’s lawfirm (Loeffler, Jonas and Tuggey) aggressively pursued and was retained by the dictatorship known as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .

The firm was paid $840,000 to provide public relations, communications advice, and to lobby on trade issues for the Saudis (12.6.02).  Tuggey’s firm was paid another $420,000 by the Saudis in 2003.

Tuggey has always been proud of his work for the Saudis.  It is time for him to explain this work to the voters.

The New York Sun reported that Saudi Arabia hired a lobbyist “in part to promote the Kingdom’s bid for accession to the World Trade Organization.”  Not only had Saudi Arabia conducted a 12-year boycott of Israel , but the Saudis had also attempted to blame the 9/11 attacks on the Zionists even though 15 of the 19 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia .

The World Trade Organization was skeptical of Saudi Arabia.

To change its image, Saudi Arabia hired Tuggey’s high-priced lawfirm.  The Saudis needed a makeover of their image.

The same day the Saudis hired Tuggey’s lawfirm, the Associated Press summarized the situation in its headline: “Congressional critics fault Saudis for failing to fight terrorists, return children.”

The AP  went on to say, “Saudi Arabia’s effort to bolster its image as an ally in the war on terrorism met with skepticism Wednesday from lawmakers who complained the Saudis have failed to curb Islamic radicalism and refused to help return U.S.-born children abducted by Saudi parents.”

On Oct. 29, 2003, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported, “Since 9/11, Saudis have spent millions on image in the U.S.  Three Washington firms have been hired to counter criticism of government, religion and culture.”  The Loeffler Group, of which Tim Tuggey was the Managing Partner, was named as one of the three firms.

The money paid to these public relations firms “soared to $17.6 million after the 9/11 terror attacks, Justice Department records show.  The increase followed revelations that 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi citizens and that the Saudi government was failing in its responsibility to fight terrorism.”

* U.S. Department of Justice, Criminal Division, 2009,  http://www.justice.gov/criminal

In the September SBOE hearings on U. S. History books, Ken Mercer argued that the new textbooks’ coverage of the events of  9-11 must call terrorists — just that – terrorists!  He also strongly believes that students should know which countries financially supported the 9-11 terrorists.

Could Tim Tuggey, who has made tens of thousands of dollars by helping the Saudis to scrub their image, be trusted to stand up to the Far Left to make sure our history books do not undergo Revisionism?

Tim Tuggey, with his lawyer-lobbyist connections to the Saudis, should not be elected to the SBOE.

While Tuggey may claim his activities are technically legal, we must ask, “Are they appropriate for an elected SBOE official who has the authority to establish policy and provide leadership for the entire Texas public school system?”

I respectfully ask you to help Ken Mercer spread the word.  He needs people in his SBOE district to vote in the March 2010 Republican Primary and allow him to continue to represent strong conservative values in public education all across our great state!

If you wish to make sure that Ken Mercer gets re-elected to the Texas State Board of Education, please consider contributing to his campaign.  Remember that Tuggey is a wealthy lawyer-lobbyist.  He must not be allowed to “buy” this SBOE seat.

Donna Garner

**  UPDATE 2/9/10  **

Texas Republican Assembly Endorses Candidates


CONTACT: Michael Gallops, President, mgallops@texasra.org

Fort Worth, TX – Texas Republican Assembly president, Michael Gallops, today announced the organization’s full endorsement of candidates in several contested Republican primary races.

Gallops declared, “It is with great pleasure that I announce the Texas Republican Assembly endorsement of the following candidates. These candidates represent our beliefs, principles and values and we will do everything we can to ensure they win their primary races.”

The candidates were selected by secret ballot of the membership at the Assembly’s annual meeting on Saturday, February 6. Assembly bylaws require a 2/3 majority to earn an endorsement.

Candidates being endorsed by Texas Republican Assembly are:

  • Victor Carrillo for Railroad Commissioner
  • Brian Russell for State Board of Education District 10
  • Don McLeroy for State Board of Education District 9
  • Justice Eva Guzman for Supreme Court Justice Place 9
  • Dan Flynn for TX House District 2
  • Betty Brown for TX House District 4
  • David Simpson for TX House District 7
  • Michael Banks for TX House District 11

The Texas Republican Assembly is affiliated with the National Federation of Republican which bills itself as “the Republican Wing of the Republican Party,” meaning they seek to help elect strong social and fiscal conservatives.


** UPDATE 1/28/10  **

The following information was sent to me by a retired school teacher.  She is in a position to know and understand the reforms that are needed in Texas Education.  I trust her judgment on this matter.  I hope you will also.   This is the kind of help I need from concerned Texans so that I use this space to promote the things that will benefit all of us.

Thank you, Donna.  And thank you for permission to reprint this email.

We conservatives have our “Scott Brown” chance right here in Texas.

Randy Rives is running for the Texas State Board of Education in District 15 (Odessa/Lubbock/Amarillo, etc.).  He is competing for the seat now held by RINO Bob Craig.  The conservatives on the SBOE control seven of the fifteen seats; they badly need to get that eighth vote so that they can put our Texas schools on the road to authentic education reform.

This is our chance in the primary to divest ourselves of Bob Craig’s bad influence on the Board, but it is going to take all of us conservatives from around the state to do this.

Craig’s campaign is well funded; Randy Rives needs our contributions.  If all of us sent him $15 to $25, this would be enough for him to purchase mailers, signs, and other marketing pieces to get his name out across the district.

So far, the majority of the SBOE has been able to fend off some of Bob Craig’s efforts; and the Board has adopted new-and-improved English / Language Arts / Reading standards and world-class Science standards.  Presently the Board is in the process of finalizing the Social Studies standards that will be the best and most patriotic in this country. New Math standards will be coming in the future.

Bob Craig was fairly quiet in the January SBOE meeting just because he had a primary challenger in Randy Rives.  If Craig should come out of the primary, you can bet that he would emerge with a vengeance.  He would go right back to being the leader of the RINO’s/Democrats.

Please go to Randy Rives’ website so that you can learn more about him.

Contribution information is given on the website.

If you will click on the lower left side of the above link you can sign up to follow Randy on his Facebook page.

Donna Garner



** UPDATE 1/21/10 **

I am happy to endorse David Simpson who is running for Texas State Representative for District 7.  I take particular pride in endorsing Mr. Simpson because not only does he deserve my support, I will be casting my vote for him in the Texas primary election on March 2.

After all the ruckus caused by the Acorn voter registration fraud over the last couple of years, I was distressed when my current Representative voted against a bill in the Texas house that would have made it much more difficult for voter fraud to occur in Texas.

All I have to do is go to the poll with my voter’s registration card, they see it and hand me a slip of paper which I take to the person at the next desk to sign to cast my vote.  I asked the lady during our last election, “How do you know the name on the voter’s registration card is actually my name?”  She told me that she knew because that name was in the computer and it verified the individual number of my card.  I asked her, ” What if someone stole my voter’s registration card and voted with it.  How would you know?”  Her only answer was, “Who would want to steal a voter’s registration card?”

Needless to say, I was not happy with her answer.  Mr. Simpson will do his part to change that for me and for all Texans who value the citizen’s right to vote.  He has strong policy statements on his web site that I can support wholeheartedly.  I look forward to this vote.

Mr. Simpson is a devoted husband and father who is unashamed of his Christian faith.  I have met him, but at the time, I was not aware that he was a candidate.  I liked him very much – now that I know I can trust my State Representative again when he is elected, I like him even more.

He may not always make the decisions that I think he should make, but I will be able to trust that he has made those decisions from a kneeling position, and that makes me very happy.  He will fight for my state and personal rights.  I respect that.

I would ask your support for David Simpson.  If you live in Texas District 7, I ask for your vote for David Simpson.


** UPDATE 12/30/09 **

Debra Medina, Republican candidate for Governor of Texas issues statement regarding Hutchison’s transportation plan:

Oh Brother, again?  Another Big Government cure-all – it isn’t fixing what ails Texas Transportation.

We can certainly agree that there must be accountability and transparency in state government.  In typical big-government fashion though, the senator’s plans to spend more money on high speed rail and creating new special committees (which is another name for more bureaucracy) is yet another abuse of tax payer dollars to pay for special favors for political cronies.  Big government career politicians will always offer big government solutions that “drive” to economic ruin.  Rather than consulting big corporate donors, it’s time state leaders confer with Texas Civil Engineers and others in the private sector for solutions that will serve Texans.

Governor Perry wants a big Trans-Texas Corridor; Senator Hutchison wants big government rail.  There’s nothing new here.

Because TxDOT under-reported $1 billion, Texans deserve a full and open audit of TxDOT FIRST, assurance that transportation dollars and fuel taxes are being kept in Texas and spent efficiently on Texas roads – no more cost overruns, no more foreign corporate construction contracts.  It’s time to get serious about putting Texas’ tax payer dollars to work for Texans.



What a mistake I made!  I voted for Cornyn AGAIN… but you can be assured I won’t make that same mistake next time!

One of the writers I admire for always writing truthful articles based on solid information very well researched and verified is Dan Riehl at “Riehl World View.” He has a little piece on Cornyn that I would like for every Texan who lives in Cornyn’s district to read and take to heart.

The Cornyn quote that hits hardest is this one:

Conservative primary voters “have to yield” to reality, Senate Republicans’ campaign chairman said Wednesday.

Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), the chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), suggested that conservatives need to have a more realistic sense of which races are winnable and with which candidates.

I agree with Mr. Riehl’s suggestion to Senator Cornyn:

If you want to yield something, try your NRSC Chairmanship next time. We want to fight. And with all due respect, we’re not really looking for your help, or your advice. Just stop working against us because you think you know more than we do and we’ll stop hammering you. How’s that for a deal?

So now we have another strike against Cornyn.  First he endorsed Arlen Specter.  Cornyn’s reward was Specter’s defection to the Democrat Party.  I would have thought that Senator Cornyn would have learned his lesson, but how wrong can one little blog writer and registered voter be?

Cornyn, take notes.  We are.


Texans for Accountable Government Endorse Debra Medina

Austin, TX, Thursday, December 10, 2009 – Texans for Accountable Government (TAG) have formally endorsed Republican Debra Medina as their candidate for the 2010 Texas Gubernatorial Primary.

According to John Bush, Executive Director of Texans for Accountable Government, “Texans for Accountable Government PAC is proud to announce our endorsement of Debra Medina in the 2010 Gubernatorial Republican Primary! Debra is a fine human being who deserves the support of We Texans. She has fought tirelessly for years now against corruption and injustice. Recently she led the struggle against the dishonest party leadership who sought to shut Ron Paul supporters out of the 2008 GOP convention process. She stood tall with Texans battling Sobriety Checkpoints and the unjust extension of powers for the Texas Family Protective Services during the 2009 Legislative Session. She has pledged to carry on the battle against arbitrary government by pushing for nullification and interposition of unconstitutional acts emanating from our out of control federal government. If we are to be free in these United States, nullification is key. Debra understands this and is working tirelessly to bring it about.”

“We at Texans for Accountable Government applaud Debra Medina for her bravery and her leadership and ask you to join us in supporting Debra Medina for Governor of Texas in 2010!” he added.

The Medina For Texas campaign is very excited to accept such a strong endorsement from a non-partisan, liberty-minded organization.

“This endorsement reaffirms everything we’re working for. I am dedicated to restoring a limited and accountable government in Texas. The excess and corruption must stop. When We Texans elect officials, those officials must show their honesty, transparency, and never forget who they’re working for! I have answered the challenge and am ready to go to work for Texas,” said Debra Medina.

As the March 2, 2010 primary quickly approaches, the Medina campaign is giving Texans a refreshing, truly conservative option in this gubernatorial election.

Nelda Carrizales Skevington
Press Secretary
Debra Medina for Governor of Texas Campaign

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